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Video Marketing, Photography and Social Media Content Providers.

A professional studio specializing in the production of commercials and spotlight videos for television, web and intranet. Our story-based approach allows us to meet and understand a person or company’s story and then bring it to life in a creative and visually exciting way. 

Every businesss owner should invest in quality video – it’s simply the best way to  engage with your potential clients or customers.  Your story is worth sharing – let’s bring it to life!

Our focus on pristine audio ensures your message will be delivered to your target audience in a meaningful and impactful way. We have created short 15 second trailers and web ‘spotlight videos’ that are perfect for generating buzz around a product, service or event ~ as well as longer ‘feature’ films that engage your audience and give them a lot of detail about the history and purpose of a company, corporation, non-profit organization or small business. 

What’s your Brand Story?  Truly, it’s the key to growing your business.  Let’s get started!

Promos + Live Event Coverage

Video Marketing

Creative and Engaging

Promotional videos are a great way to tell others about your product, service or event.  They should be engaging, relatable and memorable.  We believe it's important to be unique in our approach and strive to create videos that impactful and beneficial.  

"Be bold.  Be creative. Be remembered" 

Training + procedures

Instructional Videos

Step by Step

Process and Procedure Videos along with Health and Safety How-To Videos will help you and your staff work together harmoniously. Having everyone learning from one source, in a clear concise, step by step manner will ensure your processes and procedures are carried out safely. This will save you and your business time and money

"Covid-19 Staff training videos"

Headshots, Products + events


Professional Images

High quality images on your website and social media channels let others know that you are a professional and have respect for quality. Your brand awareness starts with creative, beautiful photos and every business can benefit from creating a lasting first impression.

"Boost your brand identity with professional photos"

Social Media + Websites

Content Creators

Exposure is Everything

The key to any successful website or social media channel is creating content that others want to share. Our team will help you create dialogue, key messaging and strong visuals that will be relatable and exciting to your audience.  

"It starts with likes and shares. Exposure = growth"

The Team.

Professional Storytellers & Content Creators

With more than 12 years of experience in the video industry, we are proud to say that we have created long-term relationships with many of our clients.  We greatly appreciate the trust that business owners and marketing teams put in us to create compelling, engaging, memorable videos that help to promote their brand story and live events.

We enjoy meeting over coffee or a cold craft beer to talk about effective strategies to best tell the story of our new clients. 

As a full service film and photography studio we offer all pre and post production services in house.  We work closely with our clients every step of the way to ensure each project is handled with professionalism.  This ensures that important deadlines are met and successful campaigns are launched on schedule.

Brian Carpenter

Owner / Cinematographer

Wanda Oldfield

Accounts Manager / Photographer

Daltan Bage

Cinematographer / Editor

Rylie Swanson


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Serving Hamilton, Niagara, Burlington and Brantford

With our central office in Binbrook, ON we are right in the middle of Hamilton, Niagara and Brantford and only 20 minutes to Burlington.

The best way to reach us is by email  hello@leftlane.ca or by phone/text at 905-902-9555.


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